-The new Sugar Ray LP will debut on the Billboard Album Charts at #6 after selling 106,153 units in it's first week of release. Blink 182 debuted at #1 followed by Staind, Destiny's Child, Moulin Rouge soundtrack, and St.Lunatics.

-The new LP entitled "Sugar Ray" is finally out in stores today so go pick it up!

-The band will be on TRL today when MTV shows backstage rehearsals for last night's performance of "When It's Over" on The David Letterman Show so be sure to tune into MTV at 3:30 PM EST.

-Global Listening Party & Live Video Chat: On Thursday, June 7, at 7:00 p.m. ET, AOL Music will host Sugar Ray for their exclusive Global Listening Party and live video chat. Fans can tune in to hear the new Sugar Ray album in its entirety, and then join the band for a live video chat from AOL LIVE's Los Angeles studio.

-Here's a message from our bud at VH1 for you fans: Hey! My name is Andrew and I am working on the VH1 show, FanClub. FanClub is a show about the people who give a band a reason for their existence: their fans. As such, I am working on the show about the people who love Sugar Ray. We are looking for anyone who would be interested in sharing their lives with VH1s audience. We want to know why you are fan of Sugar Ray. Is there a particular song that has a special relevance in your life? Has something that the band has done inspired your life in any way? Let us know your stories. If you are interested in possibly appearing on Fan Club-Sugar Ray to talk about how the band and its music have affected your life, write to me at vh1sugarrayfans@yahoo.com. Let me know why you should be featured as one of Sugar Rays biggest fans. Be sure to tell me your name, age, gender, where you live, the best way for me to get in touch with you, and why Sugar Ray means so much to you! Thanks, and keep an eyeout for our show!

-The new Sugar Ray LP has offically been confirmed to be self-titled and will be released on June 12, 2001.

-MTV.com reports "Sugar Ray's nearly-finished fourth album, due in June, will combine their pop-friendly present with the loud guitars of their past. The band is in the process of mixing the album, which promises to recapture some of the raucous edge of their 1995 debut, Lemonade & Brownies, and the louder tracks on 1997's Floored, the album that spawned the band's breakthrough pop hit, "Fly". At the same time, Sugar Ray's new material edges closer to power-pop than to metal, while still making room for softer songs in the vein of the hit "Someday," according to a management representative for the group. After the as-yet-untitled album is released in mid-June, Sugar Ray plan to hit the road late that month as an opening act, then embark on a full-fledged headlining tour in July. The band has not yet decided on the new album's first single, their Atlantic Records publicist said."