Mark Sayers McGrath was born on March 15, 1968 in Hartford, CT. He is the lead singer for Sugar Ray. His 2 dreams while growing up were to be a rock star or a basketball player. When he was 8 his father, Ed, was a former member of the United States Army and left the armed services to relocate the McGrath family. His father then became a successful real estate developer. Mark's sibling is Tracy but he also had a brother (Edward T. McGrath) who died 4 years before Mark was born. Mark says that he feels that he and his brother share a spiritual connection. Mark's best friend all his life has been McG Nichols. His favorite pet while growing up was his dog named Samson, which he had for 8 years. Mark now has a Japanese Chow and a Brussels Graphound. When Mark was 12, his parents decided to get a divorce. He was quiet and reserved in school and liked to play basketball and loved sports. Mark got his first shag at the age of 17. He was dating one of the cheerleaders and they got pretty serious so he got scared and ran out of the house. Before they were Sugar Ray, Mark was a truck driver. He is also the only member that graduated from a college (USC). He majored in communications. He lost his viriginity while he was a Freshman in college. The first time he got arrested was for yelling at an old woman while on her roof. Mark gave himself a deadline when he would stop trying to become a rock star and they signed with Lava/Atlantic just a few months before that deadline. He admits he got into music for the beer and chicks but music comes over any relationship. He was going to drop out of the band during the recording of Floored because he was insecure of his voice but a week after he left, the other guys in the band found him back home in California (they were living in New York at the time). Mark has had many injuries during their tours and stuff. Some of those were: broken ankle at a show in Chicago, 10 stitches because he got hit in the head with a guitar by Stan (I think) in San Fancisco during "Fly," lost his voice in Seattle March 12, 1999. Mark has been on many magazine covers like: Rolling Stones Magazine, Alternative Press, Cosmopolitan (he was the first man on the cover), Buzzine, Twist (group), and Smug (group). He was 27 when Lemonade & Brownies came out, 29 when Floored came out, and 30 when 14:59 came out. In US Magazine, Mark was a "Magnificent Seven" sex symbol. Mark says that if the band would ever break up he would start his own record label.

Zodiac Sign: Pieces
Hair: "Vanilla Ice"
Eyes: Blue
Favorite Ice Cream: vanilla
Mark loves Star Wars and Star Trek
Favorite Color: Blue
Mark's Tattoos:
Praying hands with a rosary on his chest- it is for his Catholic upraising
"M" on his chest- for one of the loves of his life but he won't tell anybody her name or his first name and last name initial
Rolex logo on his waist- somebody dared him for $100 to get it
Cadillac logo on his hip- he'll drive only Cadillacs
Shamrocks on his legs- Mickey 40 oz.
"IRISH" on his back- he's Irish
2 birds on his shoulders- the success of Fly (my brother has a friend who has those tattoos)
S on his stomach- Sugar Ray
Rose on his right forearm- In memory of Lynn Strait
Mc- first initials of McGrath
Blue rose- in memory of Ma Mere
Lola: He missed his dog on the road and decided to get a tattoo of it's name and paw
Mark was thinking about getting "LAMB OF GOD" on his chest- it's on his brother's tombstone
Mark has had his tattoos for 5 years but his family just found out about 2 years ago
Favorite Sports: boxing, hockey, and basketball
Favorite Teams: LA Lakers and Sacremento Kings
Favorite Bands: The Sex Pistols, Black Fly, and Willie Nelson
The only kind of beer Mark will drink is Budweiser
Mark admits he has never been faithful in a relationship
Rumor has it, Mark and KORN's lead singer (Johnathan Davis) made out while they were drunk
Mark was able to walk on the walls in the Fly video because the cameras were bolted to the floor
Mark has never done a show sober
Status: Single