Mark McGrath- Vocals
Murphy Karges Bass
Stan Frazier- Drums
Rodney Sheppard- Guitar
Craig Bullock (DJ Homicide)- DJ
Their first album was out in April 1995; it was called Lemonade & Brownies
The first single was Mean Machine
The second single was 10 Seconds Down
When they recorded Lemonade & Brownies they marched into Atlantic Records chanting, "Hut, Hut" wearing only combat boots, football helmets, and jock straps. Without saying anything they got into a huddle and yelled, "Break" and then left
The title Lemonade & Brownies comes from a porn magazine they found in a house they were renting
Nicole Eggert (Baywatch) is the woman posed on the front of Lemonade & Brownies
Nicole Eggert was a friend of Mark's girlfriend (at the time!)
The hidden track on Lemonade & Brownies is called One Brave Cowboy
Some of the songs on Lemonade & Brownies were written in the bathtub
DJ Homicide wasn't in the band during Lemonade & Brownies but did have scratches on it (he was the main DJ)
The inside cover of Lemonade & Brownies has a picture of Mark in his underwear (briefs) and Murphy laughing
Their songs they did videos for on Lemonade & Brownies are Mean Machine, 10 Seconds Down, Caboose, and Iron Mic
There is 14 tracks on Lemonade & Brownies
Snug Harbor is a place where the band used to play at in California
The song Rhyme Stealer was originally Wife Beater
The song Iron Mic is about boxer Mike Tyson
Mean Machine is about Mark's '68 Cadillac that's barf green
10 Seconds Down is about how Mark lasts in bed and then he gets the remote control and turns on ESPN
Sugar Ray held a streaking contest and the winner won the '68 Cadillac Coupe de Ville with the liscense plates SATAN from the video Mean Machine
The band said they probably won't have another hit as big as Fly (they proved themselves wrong)
The title Floored was how they felt when they got done with the album
June 26 of 1997 Floored came out
Floored sold 100,000 copies in a month
Floored has 13 tracks on it
The RPM video was recorded at the American Bandstand
During the recording of Floored Mark attempted to quit the band; he left for 2 days and they found him back in California
Their real mothers are in the Fly video
Floored was recorded in New York
Stand and Deliver was originally from Adam and the Ants
Rodney and Stan created the group which was called the Tories and then Murphy and Mark came along and they became the Shrinky Dinx then they got a lawsuit from the company that makes the Shrinky Dinx so they changed to Sugar Ray and then DJ Homicide came along
Some Shrinky Dinx songs are Lick Me, Don't Go To School, Big Fish,Little Pond, and Golddigger
The Tories were formed in 1982
The band's favorite beverage is Budweiser Beer
They've opened up for KORN, Cypress Hill,Deftones, Sex Pistols, KISS, Toadies, 311, The Rolling Stones, and this summer the Goo Goo Dolls
The band is from Newport Beach, California (background to Baywatch) except for DJ Homicide who's from Pasadena
The band and McG lived together for 4 years until they decided to move away from each other
Both of their neighbors moved because they would come home really late and really drunk
McG has produced all of their videos except Someday
McG is Mark's best friend and the fifth band member
McG has also produced videos for KORN, Smashmouth, and Fastball
The band lived in Manhattan
Sugar Ray and Howard Stern became friends because they played Psychedelic Bee a song Howard wrote when he was 10
Mark, Stan, and Rodney all went to the same high school
The band has been together for about 15 years
The song Rivers is a dedication to Weezer's drummer who was killed in a car accident
Other soundtracks they have been on are Escape From LA, Mega Man, X Games, Scream 2, and Road Rash 3D
They were in Father's Day
Father's Day came out in May 1997 about a month before Floored came out
They had to cancel their European tour 2 years ago because a man from Bologna, Italy jumped on Mark's back and tore ligaments in his knee
Mark got hit in the head with a guitar and had to get stitches in San Francisco
Mark broke his ankle in Chicago
They used to be known for exposing themselves on stage but don't do it anymore because they say the audience expects it
Sugar Ray and ORGY led the MTV Campus Invasion Tour in 1999
David Kahne is their producer
Sugar Ray won the Best Rock Band at the Blockbuster Awards March 10, 1998
They lived in a Hancock mansion off of Melrose Ave. with McG for 4 years until they were evicted
They wrote most of 14:59 on the road
Someday was written in a locker room in Houston, TX because they were waiting for 311 to get off stage
Personal Space Invader has Elijah Blue (Cher's son)
Ode To The Lonely Hearted was an old Tories song
Abracadabra used to be a Steve Miller Band song
The title 14:59 comes from Andy Warhol's prediction that everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame
14:59 came out January 12, 1999
14:59 has 13 songs on it
14:59 took almost 6 months to write
Every Morning nearly doubled its plays at radio stations in one week
KRS-One is on Live & Direct