My first encounter with Sugar Ray and their music occured much like everyone elses', when "Fly" was a huge hit back in 1997. Although back then I only liked them for that one song though I did listen to the entire "Floored" LP and I did not like it that much. When "14:59" was released in January 1999, a much older and mature me went and bought the CD. After listening to it, I took to their music stylings very well and could respect as well as like the entire CD rather than just "Every Morning". Next I went to buy "Floored" to hear their earlier stuff and I loved it's punk riffs of "American Pig" and "Cash" since I was now a rebelious teenager rather than a "kid" when I first heard it back in late '97. Of course months later I got Lemonade & Brownies, an even more raw LP then "Floored". With songs on it like "Mean Machine", I can truly say it is one of my favorite rock albums of all time. As a true fan of every evolution of Sugar Ray's music, I can rock hard to the punk riffs of "American-Pig", then flow to the mellow, Reggae flavored flows of "Fly", and finally go a little New Wave with "Personal Space Invader". I can truly say that Sugar Ray and their music have made me an avid music lover and even made me consider a career in the music industry as a producer or executive. This is my story, whether or not you believe it and make of it, well that's your choice.